National Undergraduate Anaesthetics and Critical Care Conference 2017 – Glasgow

by Amy Royston, Treasurer 2017/18

We left for Glasgow at 6pm on Friday 24th November, and were kindly driven by our President Robbie, and Secretary Ryan. The majority of attendees were wearing their new NSACC sweatshirts, and looked remarkably smart! Unfortunately smart appearance doesn’t translate to good music choice, and we had to listen to several Christmas songs and true 90s pop hits on the 3 hour drive there. Upon arriving we started celebrations for our societal first birthday with a Colin Caterpillar cake, and a tipple before retiring to our bunks ready for the big day ahead.

The day started early, and we had received our badges, free coffee and were seated in the lecture theatre by 8.45am! The first lecture was an introduction to anaesthetic careers and was delivered by a consultant from the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Glasgow. It very much opened our eyes to the possible variation within our work schedule we can achieve. Secondly, we received a fascinating talk on burns and the emergency management of them; which was unlike anything we have received in our medical education so far. Following that, we were educated on an initiative called Inspire which works to help the lives of ITU patients when they leave hospital – hopefully we will bear this in mind in our future work. The last lecture of the morning was based around military medicine and pre-hospital care. This was particularly useful for our members because many are interested in this field, and we have in fact arranged a speaker for our own event in this area.

During the lunch break we were able to go around poster presentations from undergraduates across the country. This provided an opportunity to see projects, which we could get involved with, and to socialise with other medical students.

The afternoon consisted of 4 different stations teaching the most common practical skills of an anaesthetist. This included airway management, epidurals, ultrasound and central lines, and pain management. We left at the end of the day having practiced with new and upcoming equipment, enhanced clinical skills, and with a renewed appetite for anaesthetics and critical care.

We followed such an informative day with dinner on Ashton lane in the West End of Glasgow, and sampled the most crucial piece of Glaswegian culture – a deep fried mars bar!!

Before heading back to Newcastle on the Sunday, we ventured to the Botanical Gardens in the centre of the city; and even managed to learn about the medical applications of some of the plants!

This trip proved to be fantastic fun; and we returned with new friends, new skills and a direction for our own society.

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