Clinical experience

Student selected components

Students at Newcastle University undertake student selected components (SSC) as part of their medical degree. SSCs give students the opportunity to follow their own interests, explore future careers and to develop both personally and professionally.

Under the current system, however, students must organise their SSCs privately or apply through a public online booking system. The problem the public system is that it is often a lottery, which can result in unhappy students (who haven’t got the SSC they wanted) and unhappy supervisors (who have unhappy students!).

We think things could be better.

NSACC aims to bridge the gap between medical students and SSC supervisors by providing a catalogue of SSCs in Anaesthesia and Critical Care. This way, medical students can gain valuable experience in the specialties, which are often poorly represented in the medical school curriculum. Some may even wish to become Anaesthetists or Intensivists as a result!

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For many medical students, the elective period is the most exciting aspect in medical school.

Students at Newcastle University have the opportunity to spend their elective almost any where in the world.  The freedom of choice can be liberating, but deciding on a destination and speciality is more difficult.

NSACC hopes to provide Newcastle University medical students with a selection of electives in Anaesthesia and Critical Care,  both in the United Kingdom and abroad.

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Clinical placement

Organising a clinical placement in Anaesthesia and/or Critical Care is an excellent way to learn more about the specialties and what they have to offer.

Whether you’re trying to decide on a future specialty, build up your portfolio, or simply have an interest in Anaesthesia and Critical Care, NSACC can help you organise a clinical placement.

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